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Match Day Prep

No matter if it s fun fours, sevens or 11s you are playing you should follow the message below to get the most out of yourself each and every time you train or play.

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2001s showing off their new strips sponsored by Insurance Helpline

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Winter Festival Registration OPEN

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2004s medal presentation

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Match Day

For Match day at competitive children/youth level most of your kick offs are 10am and this is what we expect you to do as an individual on this day and the day before.

  • Friday night dinner - high in carbs such as pasta - this shall give you the energy required to compete at your best
  • Saturday morning (8am) - breakfast cereal, fruit (banana for example). Chillax

Arrive at park when instructed to.

  • Perform at least 15 minutes of a warm up before the game - include dynamic stretching such as kicking movements - put your body through all the movements that it shall perform during the actual match.

After game:

  • Perform at LEAST 15 minutes of a cool down - this should incorporate static stretches to rid your muscles of the excess lactic acid which has built up throughout the game (this shall prevent stiffness in your muscles the next day after a match)
  • Arrive home - preferably have a high protein lunch such as fish, meat and a milkshake to replace the lost carbs - NO ROLLS & SAUSAGE ETC - AVOID FATTY FOODS AT ALL COSTS!!


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