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In Brief

Gartcairn Football Academy do NOT hold trials at trophy free football. Unlike many other teams within the NLC area we do not believe in telling a child they are “not good enough” at this early stage in their lives.  We fill up each age group on a first come first serve basis.  We currently have teams from 2008 through to adult teams and it is the Academies intentions to have the full spectrum of age groups i.e. u21s, u17s within the next few seasons for both boys & girls football.

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2001s showing off their new strips sponsored by Insurance Helpline

Pictured above are the 2001 Gartcairn team with their new strips. Read more

2000s continued sponsor

Pictured above are our 2000s age group showing off their new strips once again sponsored by JM Plant Glazing....... Read More

Winter Festival Registration OPEN

Registration for 2015 festival is now OPEN Read more

2004s medal presentation

Pictured above are the 2004 age group proudly showing their medals at the presentation day. Head coach Wilson said....Read More

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Those who wish to play, shall play!
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The Committee:

personel bio picRobert McCallum Chairman


One of the original members of Gartcairn. Robert is the driving force behind Gartcairn and the long term vision that is in place.

personel bio picJon Hannah





Jon is one of the original coaches of the new dawn of Gartcairn. Jon has been secretary of the club for many years now and we are all still wondering what he actually does!

personel bio picTeresa Gallagher





Teresa has been voted into the committee in the treasurer capacity for the last 2 seasons and is very often seen in the ASB desperately trying to get served - amazingly all of the tellers shut when Teresa walks in with bags and bags of pennies.

personel bio picRosemary McWhirter

Child Protection Officer


Rosemary has been in the academy nearing 4 years now in the capacity of child protectoin officer. Thankfully Rosemary has not been called upon with any issues or concerns.


About Us

In the Beginning:

Gartcairn was formed by 4 mates many years back in 1989 while working in what was then called Gateway (the old Fine Fare). After many hours the name of Gartcairn was decided and we played in the Muirhead & District Sunday league winning the league cup in our first season. The climate back in the early 90s meant that the team name changed to the Staging Post, Safeway, Morrisons and then eventually back to Gartcairn in 2000. In 2000 the team was playing Sunday night football and moved in season 2001 to Sunday afternoon football within the Carluke & District League. The team eventually folded in 2005 simply due to lack of players.

The Growing Years:

In 2007 Gartcairn was reborn as a Football Academy for young children. Current chairman and one of the original committee set the academy up with the ethos of no trials. McCallum didnt believe that any adult had the right to tell a child that they were not good enough and the emphasis would be on enjoyment rather than results. The first season was very tough in the Monklands soccer sevens with 2 teams being entered into the u10s and u8s (with all of the u8s being u6s but there was no league for that age group). History has now shown that this "no trial policy at trophy free football" was the correct strategy. The academy has now over 300 children with 16 different teams and is the first in the area to achieve the Scottish FA community quality mark, level 2 accreditation by NLC and the only one in history to have their own facility.

Where we're going:

Gartcairn are going to fully embed themselves into the heart of the community. The girls setup is being focussed on over the next few years to attempt to get the full pathway for girls - "why not!". We are also hoping to extend outwith football with the current Fun Run group starting up and the committee firmly committed to startup a basketball, handball and possibly other sports as we progress with the community. It is the vision of Gartcairn that everyone within the local community will be part of the Gartcairn family, no matter the sport, and that everyone linked understands that enjoyment comes before everything else - including results!


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