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First touch in football is incredibly important and has been overlooked by fancy flicks and tricks. Were bringing back the emphasis on first touch by introducing a number of programmes which will be introduced in to your trianing routine and also homework challenges which are simple but very effective. Your training within the academy, no matter the age group, will include a warm up routine which WILL give you 1000+ touches of the ball.

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2001s showing off their new strips sponsored by Insurance Helpline

Pictured above are the 2001 Gartcairn team with their new strips. Read more

2000s continued sponsor

Pictured above are our 2000s age group showing off their new strips once again sponsored by JM Plant Glazing....... Read More

Winter Festival Registration OPEN

Registration for 2015 festival is now OPEN Read more

2004s medal presentation

Pictured above are the 2004 age group proudly showing their medals at the presentation day. Head coach Wilson said....Read More

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Those who wish to play, shall play!
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We are looking for videos to be sent over to us showing YOUR child hitting a ball of a wall! So simple yet its so effective. We want to know the amount of times your child hits the wall/board/fence within the 2 minute period. Over the year we will increase the difficulty and challenge either by increasing time or aiming for X amount of touches. The winning entry with the most amount of touches off the wall in 2 minutes shall win a Gartcairn SKY BLUE hat. This is open to EVERY age group within the academy, young ones, old ones, girls, boys & aliens.

Entry is open and here is a few links to attempts already entered.

William Thomson (2007s) - 178 touches -

Daniel Cummings (2004s) - 148 touches -


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